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Bring all your accounts together in one place, categorise transactions so you know what you're spending money on, and be the first to get access to new ways of saving money via our marketplace.

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Bring all your accounts together

The Bud app can connect to more than 90% of current accounts in the UK with credit cards, savings, mortgages and more coming soon.

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Organise your spending 

The app helps you keep track of your spending by automatically sorting your transactions into categories.

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Rent recognition & utility switching

For more information about what we've been working on when it comes to rent recognition and utility switching, check out our blog. 

These features are just the start. In the coming months we'll be rolling out a suite of intelligent new services designed to take the hassle out of being good with money so that you can get on with life.

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Security at the heart of what we do

Bud works security-first and takes an industry leading approach to the safety of user data.

All data is encrypted both in transit (as it moves around the platform) and at rest (when it is stored).

Each user's data is encrypted with a unique key and is only decrypted at the point of use by the user. This data cannot be decrypted at any other point, even by Bud.


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