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CDR Guide

Accessing CDR data with Bud

A guide to the main models for accessing data under the CDR, how to choose the right model for your business, and how Bud can support you along the way.

CDR Guide
What is CDR and how does it affect you

What is CDR and how does it affect you ?

In Australia, Open Banking has reached its first phase. Consumers now have the legal right to control how their data is used thanks to the Consumer Data Right (CDR) introduced in July 2020. 

With Banks now providing access to this data in the form of APIs, we created this guide to help organisations understand their options under the CDR and how to quickly bring market-leading services to their customers.

In this guide you'll find:
  • What is CDR?
  • What models are available?
  • Choosing the right model for your business
CDR Guide