Meet the Team: Tara Robinson, Senior Designer

"The new ways of working that came out of our collective experience of Covid in 2020 has been for me the bright and sparkly silver lining behind that very grey cloud."

5 steps to maximise your Open Banking adoption

Great UX can help your users understand the value of Open Banking, especially as it is still in its infancy in the public financial services industry. YouGov’s research has identified that the key barriers in using Open Banking are security and misuse of data. Applying good UX and behavioural science theory is crucial to reducing these perceived barriers. In this article we will give Bud’s top 5 tips to improve conversion in your user journeys.

How to maximise Open Banking adoption using UX principles

Covid has accelerated the adoption of Open Banking services with OBIE reporting the doubling of users in just 6 months to 2 million people.

The Bud Design Principles

Bud is driven by one mission: to create the world’s most compelling financial data products. We share the belief that our designs need to be elegant, intuitive and inclusive in order to supp...

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