How transaction data and personalised insights can help your customers through the cost of living crisis

With households feeling the squeeze, financial institutions should be making every effort to support their customers through these difficult economic times. Leveraging transactional data to intervene with timely and actionable insights can improve customers’ financial resilience, while also building engagement and loyalty.

Bud named a ‘Leader’ in open banking intermediaries evaluation by independent research firm

Bud has been named a ‘Leader’ in 'The Forrester Wave™: Open Banking Intermediaries, Q1 2023' report, receiving the highest scores possible in the innovation roadmap, commercial model, and innovation ecosystem and partner network criteria.

Embracing equity - for International Women's Day and beyond...

This year's theme for International Women's Day is 'Embrace Equity'. That means working towards a gender equal world that's diverse, inclusive and equitable. Take a look at what some of the women at Bud said the theme means to them.

TransUnion investment in Bud to drive financial inclusion in lending

We’re delighted to share that global insights and information company TransUnion has made a strategic investment in Bud. This will help foster innovation and growth in the open banking market and support financial inclusion.

Subscription management made simple

Powered by our aggregation and data intelligence services, Little Birdie’s subscription management app will help consumers save money by switching or ditching their unused subscriptions.

How Aviva is using Bud’s tech to help customers combat the cost-of-living crisis

Aviva helps millions of customers to plan for their futures so its a significant moment for the Open Banking community when they decide to make a move in this space. We're looking forward to supporting them along the way.

Introducing v2.0 of our Affordability API

The intelligence that underpins our Affordability API has moved on in leaps and bounds - so we're releasing a new version that's both easier to integrate into clients' existing lending flows and far more powerful.

New to the platform: Introducing the Benefits Finder API

For lenders, particularly those with a traditionally thin-file customer base, developing a nuanced picture of customer income is crucial. Our Benefits Finder API is the first on the market to identify all 31 of the main UK benefits reliably.

Open Banking for affordability - The 4 key stats people ask

Using Open Banking to supercharge affordability assessments is fast becoming the norm for lenders. Based on the data below, we believe this use case will become the first ubiquitous Open banking use case.

Open Banking and the future of Wealth Management in 4 prototypes

Over the last 6 months, we’ve seen a real shift in the way wealth managers are describing the challenges they’re facing - with what seems like a far more nuanced understanding of the capacity of Open Banking beginning to take hold in the sector.

Why we’ve launched in Australia

When we started Bud, we did it because we believed that it should be easier for everyone, everywhere to be good with money. Open Banking in the UK gave us the opportunity to take huge steps forward towards that goal and the Consumer Data Right in Australia offers that same opportunity. So we’re taking it.

More accessible, higher conversion - Meet the latest Bud Connect Open Banking flow

Earlier in the week, we rolled out an upgraded Bud Connect flow. The new flow ensures AA accessibility, and we’ve added deep linking for more institutions to optimise conversion.

How to switch AIS providers without disrupting your users

Too often, organisations with compelling visions for their Open Banking services simply can't bring them to market using the kind of generic classification provided by some aggregators - but switching AIS providers is disruptive, hence our new AIS switch process...

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