Affordability made easy

An off-the-shelf affordability assessment dashboard for lenders that helps advisors make smarter and faster lending decisions.

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Eliminate manual processing of credit applications with Assess, the affordability assessment dashboard by Bud.

Leaders building with Bud

Leaders in the finance sector building with Bud's open banking products.

No more manual processing

Say goodbye to forms, statements and payslips.

Empower your advisors with our simple dashboard for an automatic summary of income and outgoings as well as clever insights about each applicant.

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Rich customer insights

Our intelligence services make sense of your customer’s real-time transactions data so you can see their financial position at a glance.

Affordability assessments take minutes, not days.

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Get rich customer insights with Bud showing that affordability assessments take minutes not days.

Frictionless onboarding

Improve your open banking adoption with our tried and tested Connect experience.

It’s simple, secure and prevents your applicants from dropping off or becoming frustrated by manual processes.

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Bud's tried and tested connect experience makes for frictionless onboarding

How it works

Here's how Bud can help you make fast and informed lending decisions:

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How it works

Here's how Bud can help you make fast and informed lending decisions:

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Understand your applicant


Verify an applicant’s income and determine if it’s stable over time without having to manually review transactions or payslips.


Understand your applicant’s essential and discretionary spending. Get alerts about risky transactions such as gambling spend.

l3-card-64x64-1Existing products

Verify existing financial products and review commitments such as loan or debt collection repayments. 


See an applicant’s historical balance as a graph, plus their committed spend for the coming months.

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