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Everything you need to know about Bud.

Reach credit decisions in minutes with open banking

Businesses use Bud to provide fast, accurate affordability assessments based on enriched, real-time data about applicants. 


Leaders building with Bud

Less Risk. More applications. Stronger decision modeling.


Faster onboarding flows

Improve onboarding times by as much as 87% by pre-filling application forms with open banking data.


Reduce defaults

Open banking data cuts default rates by 40-75% when compared to CRA-predicted default rates.


Credit Risk Assessments

Fast response times – Deliver credit decisions in minutes. 98% of our users can Connect their accounts in under 40 seconds.

Accurate information – Bud's Assess product allows clients to eliminate inconsistencies associated with manual data entry with >90% of affordability fields automatically filled.  

Reduce Risk – Reduce your risk profile with up-to-date financial summaries and valuable insights like income stability and gambling spending. 

Income Finder

Income Finder

Speedy income verification for lending – We offer clients a fast, cost-efficient and more accurate way to identify income sources, including non-traditional and gig economy income streams. Income Finder can identify a wide range of income types, including salaries, benefits, pensions and irregular wages.

Collections & Credit Management

Build engagement with customers – Bud's Assess solution is flexible enough to satisfy clients' needs, whether they need just a PDF overview of an applicant's affordability criteria, or want to fully integrate smart transaction data into their processes. Our average solution deployment time is within 4 weeks of signature.

Reduce defaults and improve support – Get insights into customer circumstances before a default occurs, such as early detection of high-risk activities, timely loan repayments, and income fluctuations.


How it works


User connects accounts via Bud's Connect aggregation gateway.


Ingested data is sent to Bud's Intelligence service, where it is enriched with metadata like category, merchant ID, income regularity and more. 


Enriched data is analysed and used to provide in-depth profiling insights to the client.



Flexible dashboards and/or static reports are generated to help clients reach a fast and informed decision. 


Download the Affordability guide


What our customers are saying about Bud

“Our new partnership with Bud marks a significant step forward in our campaign for greater transparency, providing us with a wealth of insight that gives customers more power over their financial future” 

Credit Karma Logo  Ziad Al Baba,General Manager UK and Canada, Credit Karma