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Turn transaction data into valuable customer insights

Bud’s intelligent systems use machine learning to turn messy transaction data into powerful customer insights, accessed via user-friendly APIs.

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Why Intelligence?

The Intelligence service provides clients with a uniquely flexible, powerful and reliable toolset ready to power the next generation of personalised financial services.


Transaction insights

Enriched data with categories, merchant ID and regular transactions.


Customer insights

Category and merchant totals, trends and inferred user characteristics.

The building blocks for at-scale personalisation

Enriched transaction data

Granular categorisation, Merchant Identification, and recurring transaction insights provide the building blocks for personalised services.

Easily customisable

Build your own custom categories and custom user attributes using simple rules-based logic.

Massively scaleable

Deployed at scale by world-leading organisations and processing over 50 million transactions a day.



User-level insights through Signal

Signal is Bud's proprietary user insights technology combining inferred insights at the transaction level to deliver valuable user profiling information. Adding more than 20 customer characteristics  and the capability to develop your own custom insights, Signal provides clients with an unrivalled ability to understand and serve their customers better.

The complete toolkit

All the tools you need to build personalised services


Transaction categoriser

Put transactions in context with more than 300 unique categories.

Transaction categoriser

  • Transactions are sorted into more than 300 categories in a unique 3-tier taxonomy
  • Create custom categories with rules based logic combining existing categories, merchant ID and recurring payments
  • Re-categorise transactions through a dedicate API endpoint

Recurring transactions

Identify recurring transactions and predict frequency.

Recurring transactions

  • Retrieve a customer's regular transactions for a given period of time
  • Response includes period of regularity (daily, weekly, monthly etc...)
  • Predict the date the transaction will next occur

Merchant Identifier

Identify and retrieve logos for more than 3000 merchants.

Merchant Identifier

  • Identify more than 3000 UK merchants from transaction descriptions
  • Returns logos for more than 60% of all of transactions (including transfers)
  • Models for other geographies can be trained in days

Custom transaction labels

Create custom transaction labels using a simple rules engine. 

Custom transaction labels

  • Create custom labels (essentially a custom category) for transactions
  • Use a simple rules-based logic
  • Leverage other enrichment services like Merchant Identifier or regular transactions within the rules

Customer characteristics

Infer a powerful set of customer-level insights from customer data.

Customer characteristics

  • Powered by Signal, Bud's proprietary user insights AI.
  • Adds more than 20 individual user attributes based on transaction history
  • Find out more on the blog or grab the fact sheet here

Custom user insights

Combine enrichments to create bespoke, customer-level intelligence.

Custom user insights

  • Builds on the user insights delivered through Signal by enabling clients to build custom insight tags
  • Uses a simple rules engine to provide limitless flexibility
  • Find out more on the blog here or grab the Signal factsheet

How clients drive growth with enriched financial data


How clients drive growth with enriched financial data

Our customers

What our customers are saying about Bud

  • “Our new partnership with Bud marks a significant step forward in our campaign for greater transparency, providing us with a wealth of insight that gives customers more power over their financial future.”
    Credit Karma Testimonial
    Ziad Al Baba
    General Manager UK and Canada, Credit Karma
  • “Importantly, the functionality Bud provides will also enable us to continue to meet our responsibilities as a responsible lender, without compromising customer experience.”
    ANZ Testimonial
    Mike Bullock
    Chief Information Officer, ANZ NZ
  • “Partnering with Bud will empower our customers, by ensuring that their data works even better in their favour, helping them move their finances forward.”
    totally money-client-logo
    Alastair Douglas
    CEO, TotallyMoney

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