24 April, 2019

Episode 1: What is the price of social media?

Jamz talks to authors Katherine Ormerod ('How social media is ruining your life') and Laura Whateley ('Money: A User's Guide') about lives lived through online profiles.

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Episode 1: What is the price of social media?

Our host, BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Jamz Supernova, talks to Katherine Ormerod – author of ‘How social media is ruining your life’ – and Laura Whateley, writer of ‘Money: A User’s Guide’ as they unpick the trappings of a life lived through online profiles.

With financial conventions shifting, It’s never been more important to talk about money. We wanted to understand how key issues – from debt to home ownership, to a new paradigm of flexible work – were impacting a demographic faced with circumstances markedly different from previous generations.

In the first episode of the Futureproof series, we look at a world where we are bombarded by our friends and influencer's highly styled holidays, mini breaks, restaurant dishes and purchases. How do we move away from ‘FOMO’ and feel comfortable living a life that is within our means?

Read the report that inspired the Futureproof podcast.

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