Guides and tutorials

Get Started

Step one

Sign up and login to Bud's Developer Console

Start developing with Bud’s APIs by signing up to the console. Once approved, you get automatic, free access to Bud’s sandbox environment so you can start building with dummy data. Get in touch with the Bud team to find out more about going live in the production environment.

Step two

Authenticate to Bud’s API services using API credentials

Create a project to get started using Bud’s platform. Access to the Bud platform is made through OAuth2 protocol, that means you’ll need a set of API credentials for each project. You can generate and manage API credentials through the console.

Step three

Register customers

Once you’ve authenticated, you’ll need to register your customers on the Bud platform with the Create Customer endpoint to get a customer id and secret.

Step four

Start building with Bud

Now you’re all set to start using Bud’s platform to:

  • Integrate Open Banking Aggregation Services into your application
  • Enrich your customers’ data with categories, merchant information and significant transactions like subscriptions, rent and salary
  • Get real time insights about your customers’ spending
  • Create an affordability assessment
  • Offer your customers journeys like energy switching or rent recognition