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Save customers money, drive acquisition and improve retention

Use financial data to help people save time and money, take action and distribute a wide variety of products through your apps and services.



Increase acquisition

Differentiate apps and services using API-enabled products to solve customer problems.

Drive retention

Hold customers time and attention by broadening the capabilities of your apps and services.

Increase conversion

Use the data you hold on customers to shorten onboarding journeys and make finance feel friction-free.

How it works Dist
What it does

A set of APIs that enable the distribution and adoption of products and services, including:

✓ Rent Recognition 

✓ Energy Switching 

✓ Mortgages

✓ Contents Insurance

✓ Broadband

Solve problems with the widest variety of API-enabled products around

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Integrate once, access the whole marketplace

Bud's distribution platform gives you access to all of our inventory with one integration and under one contract. 

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Best in class products across a range of sectors

We work with some of the best providers in the market to make the widest possible range of products available. From GoCompare to Experian we're bringing market-leaders together in one place for the first time.

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Putting customers front and centre

We use our own financial management app to experiment with new journeys before we make the APIs available on our platform. This way you know that the APIs have been thoroughly tested, in real life situations to make sure they put the interests of customers first. 

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We work with some of the largest and most influential financial services companies in the world. If you want to easily distribute Bud’s services to your customers, get in touch.