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Simple, secure access to customer financial data

Aggregate a range of customer account information, balances and transaction data to power innovative financial services.



Beyond Open Banking

Access the data you need from Open Banking and non-PSD2 sources in a single, easy to use format.

Help customers manage their money

Get a full, financial overview from a customer's accounts to simplify the complex process of financial management.

Increase transparency, reduce risk

Get accurate and verified data to reduce risk, make better decisions, and provide more personal services.

How it works Access
What it does

Aggregate data from any source, manage customer consent and harmonise formats across data from:

✓ Open Banking (current, savings and credit card accounts)

✓ Investments & Pensions 

✓ 1st party data (your own) 

✓ 3rd party data (including from other aggregators)

Flexible, simple and secure

The widest variety of data sources all brought together in one easy-to-implement API

USP 1 Access

Flexible data, flexible licencing

Combine data from Open Banking with your own and that of third parties (including other aggregators) in order to give customers the most comprehensive picture of their finances possible. 

Either use your own AIS licence for Open Banking or operate under ours by becoming an agent of Bud.

USP 2 Access

Quick to implement, simple to use

APIs designed from the ground up for simple integration combined with clear documentation and sandbox data make for fast integration. 

Meanwhile, our focus on getting the basics right means that customers get access to the fastest connection times around.

Privacy preservation

Always security first

Data security underpins everything we do. Anonymised transaction data protects customer privacy and unique, per-customer encryption ensures the very highest security standards. Even at Bud we can only ever see anonymised data.

Secure access to customer financial data with Bud

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