Enrich transaction data with all the context, clarity and insight necessary to build smarter, more personalised services 



  • Accurate categorisation

    Accurate categorisation

    Add context to transaction data with the machine learning categoriser. A two-layer design provides accurate results and a unique tagging model creates unrivalled flexibility.

  • Recurring payments finder

    Recurring payments finder

    Isolate recurring payments from the background transaction data, mark payments up by frequency and connect to other enrichment modules to build new experiences

  • Merchant Identifier

    Merchant Identifier

    Rationalise merchant descriptions into a standardised format to simplify the process of building PFM tools

  • Rent Bill finder

    Rent / Bill finder

    Quickly identify hard-to-spot transactions like rent payments and utility bills

  • Salary finder

    Salary finder

    Find incoming salary payments and track "left to spend" amounts after recurring and upcoming payments have been taken into account

  • Affordability checks

    Affordability checks

    Create affordability reports comparing incoming and outgoing transaction data

01 Accurate fast flexible categorisation

Accurate, fast & flexible categorisation 

Access leading machine learning capabilities with both pre-trained and customised categorisation models available. Regardless of the mode, user interactions feed into constant re-training so that models never go out of date. 

02 Combine enrichment modules

Combine enrichment modules for complete flexibility

The platform is designed using a modular architecture that makes it easy to create chains of enrichment. For example, combining the transaction tags with the regular payments service isolates specific types of subscription.

03 Connect Aggregation Marketplace

Connect Bud's Aggregation and Marketplace APIs to create new experiences

Make better lending decisions, create personalised services, detect key moments in customers' transactions and more. Connecting the Enrichment APIs to Buds Aggregation and Marketplace services opens up an entirely new set of possibilities.

Developer friendly

Simple, standardised access to all the tools you need to build new financial experiences. For access to our sandbox environment and API documentation, talk to one of our team.



"recent_transaction": {

"account_id": "5f44d9d6-8de0-4bc7-8db2-c26aea40ed62",

"transaction_id": "7affc586-5600-4434-ac5f-1a845260d7d9",

"transaction_type": "DEB",

"date": "2018-01-01",

"time": "13:56:00",

"transaction_description": "Yorkshire Energy Ltd",

"creditor": {

"name": "Yorkshire Energy",

"address": "1 Old Street, London",

"scheme": "SortCodeAccountNumber",

"identifier": "20202080009000"


"debtor": {

"name": null,

"address": null,

"scheme": null,

"identifier": null


"credit_debit_indicator": "Debit",

"amount": {

"value": "7.75",

"currency": "GBP",

"local_currency": "GBP",

"local_value": "7.75"



"supplier": {

"id": 1234,

"name": "Yorkshire Energy",

"image": "null"


"payment_type": "1 Monthly Fixed Direct Debit",

"available_tariffs": "Green Goose - Fixed Until 30th April 2020"



Security at the heart of what we do

Bud works security-first and takes an industry leading approach to the safety of user data.

All data is encrypted both in transit (as it moves around the platform) and at rest (when it is stored).

Each user's data is encrypted with a unique key and is only decrypted at the point of use by the user. This data cannot be decrypted at any other point, even by Bud.

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