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Making payments faster, simpler and cheaper

Initiate customer payments securely through a single API straight from your app or website.



Reduce costs

Avoiding the costs associated with traditional card payments significantly reduces the overhead for merchants.

Drive conversions

Removing the need for payment details improves the customer experience and reduces drop off rates.

Faster access

Why wait days for payments to clear? Choosing the fastest payment types around means that most transfers happen in minutes.

What it does

Make authorised payments and transfers directly from a customer’s account, including the ability to: 

✓ Create domestic single payments

✓ View available providers

✓ Manage authorisation 

✓ Initiate payments

✓ Track payment status

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Fast, flexible and secure connection for banks and merchants.

USP 1 Payments

The best value way to make payments

Removing the costs associated with card rails whilst improving the customer's experience makes using our Open Banking payments platform an easy decision to make.

USP 2 1 Payments

Simple to integrate, simple to use

For merchants, a single API integration makes it easy to access the Open Banking payment ecosystem. Flexible licencing options allow for both the use of your own PISP licence or the processing of payments through Bud's flow.

For customers, replacing card details with payment via the primary banking app creates a simple payment flow without the current interruptions.

Privacy preservation

Secure and safe all the way

Creating payments over secure API connections means that customers need never share card details with merchants or payment providers, while fast reverse payments make refunding money easy.

Make payments faster, simpler and cheaper with Bud

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