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Everything you need to know about Bud.

Accessing Open Banking data as an Agent of Bud

Fintechs looking to deliver Open-Banking-enabled services can apply to become an agent of Bud instead of going through the full AIS accreditation process. Download the guide for more on why and how.

Account Information Service Provider Guide Download

AISPs and Agents

Under PSD2, AISPs are allowed to register with Agents. Bud's AIS license gives Agents access to the Open Banking ecosystem, resulting in faster access.

Account Information Service Provider (AISP)

AISPs are regulated entities that collect financial data from end users.



The Agent relationship allows utilisation of Bud’s licence, who can then offer services to end users but accesses user data through AISPs. 

Switch AIS Providers

Considering switching AIS providers?

More and more fintechs are coming to us, unable to build the services they envision due to the largely generic categorisation available through some Open Banking aggregators. If that's you, the process is simple.

1. Onboard with Bud - Start delivering services using our Connect and intelligence products.

2. Run two services concurrently - Use the 1st party connect feature to deliver features to all users regardless of the source of the aggregated data.

3. Re-authenticate with Bud -  Once customers are required to re-authenticate with their banks, the authentication process can be moved to Bud. 

Download the guide to learn more about becoming an Agent of Bud

AIS Guide

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API Docs

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