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Smart triggers and notifications
based on transaction data

Help people take action on their finances. Download the factsheet for full details.




Whether it's making the most of a windfall

by triggering a notification if Signal spots a significant one-off increase to income

...or using credit to avoid fees

by triggering a notification if Signal spots a negative balance after predicted bills have been taken into account...

or simply saving money by finding better deals

by triggering a notification if Signal spots an opportunity to reduce a utility or insurance bill.

Signal builds on our Intelligence core
to provide you with the tools you need
to make it happen.

Smart triggers

Create smart triggers that let you and your customers know when key financial events take place. From missed income to an impending overdraft fee, Signal has you covered.


Signal lets you create your own notifications based on significant changes to transactions from any of the 200+ categories that bud can identify.


Smart triggers that drive action.

Download the fact-sheet for more information