Intelligent personal finance management

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Getting a comprehensive picture of a customer's financial situation is challenging. They are increasingly using more than one financial provider but still want to see their data in one place. As needs have shifted, customers expect tools that help them achieve their goals and fit seamlessly into their way of living.



Connect and consolidate your customers’ accounts from different providers and allow them to set financial goals, create budgets and get personalised insights into their spending. Use our platform to build personal finance management features that drive better customer engagement, retention and acquisition.


Products and features

Open Banking API

Receive and manage customer consent to securely access their current, credit card and savings account information and transaction data.

Investments & Pensions API

Receive and manage customer consent to securely access their investment and pensions account information.

Core enrichments

Categorises transactions into more than 200 distinct categories, provides merchant names and logos and identifies recurring transactions

Financial review and Signal data services

Identifies significant transactions (e.g rent, salary and energy) provides totals over time for categories and merchants and calculates left-to-spend based on balance and predicted outgoings.

How it works

Customers securely connect all of their current, credit cards and savings accounts along with any pensions and investment accounts.

Increase financial awareness by displaying income and spending totals, breakdowns by category and changes over time. 

Combine data to create insightful and useful features like 'Left-to-Spend'.

Allow customers to set financial goals, create budgets and manage spending.

Deliver intelligent personal finance services with Bud.

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