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Raw customer data doesn’t provide the right level of insight to give customers useful, intelligent recommendations on which actions help them achieve their financial goals.


Bud’s platform increases engagement and trust. It gives customers useful and tailored insights and allows providers to suggest helpful and timely offers that increase the likelihood of conversion.

Products & Features

Energy Switching API

Identify changes to energy payments and switch customers to alternative electricity and/or gas tariffs.

Rent Recognition API

Build a customer’s credit history using rent payment data.

Upcoming Transactions

Provides a list of transactions predicted to occur in the next three months.

Category Spend Totals + Merchant Spend Total

Provides the total income and expenditure for each category and merchant.

Salary Income Predictions

Provides a list of transactions most likely to be a customer’s salary.

Regular Transactions

Provides a list of transactions that occur regularly over a monthly or quarterly period.

Actionable Insights How it Works

How it works

Use personalised insights to create timely actions for a customer that help them achieve their financial goals.

Find household expenses and recommend services designed to help customers save money on their bills.

Identify potential ‘red flag’ behaviours such as gambling and offer customers merchant blocking or category spend limits.

Reward your customers with loyalty programmes from specific merchants or build their credit history by verifying rent payments.

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