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Everything you need to know about Bud.

An introduction to the Bud platform

Since announcing our first partnership with HSBC and first direct more than a year ago, it’s been our intention to make the Bud platform as widely available as possible.

We’re now at a point where we can start to do that — so today we’ve published the API documentation outlining the full capabilities of our technology on our new products page.


Here’s what it covers:

Connecting to the open banking ecosystem

Through a single API integration, our aggregation services provide access to an open banking ecosystem that includes more than 90% of UK current accounts*. This service is ready to support the latest version of the Open Banking Standards (v3.1), and will continue to be maintained so that our clients stay fully up-to-date.

Coverage is expanding to include savings, credit cards, charge cards, e-money, loans and mortgages, with the deadline for implementation slated for September this year.

Within the open banking regime, we are licensed by the FCA to provide Account Information Service(s) and Payment Initiation Service(s). We are also regulated by the FCA to introduce financial products.

More than an open banking platform


We need your consent to show YouTube videos

We use YouTube as a third-party software to be able to present videos to you. By clicking on "Approve" you agree to the data processing by YouTube. You can find out more about the service via "More information". You can revoke your consent at any time via the button in the footer of the website.

Access to transactional data is just the tip of the iceberg. Bud’s enrichment services — driven by cutting-edge machine learning — add context and insight to the raw data providing a rich picture of spending and saving for end users. Within each transaction, we can add spend category information and detect information like whether a payment is a salary or a regular, recurring debit.

For a complete rundown of the platform’s enrichment capabilities, register here for access to the documentation.

Unlocking the potential of the marketplace

When people talk about the future of finance, what they’re often referring to is the evolution of the marketplace model. The ability for customers to easily share financial data with third party financial services has opened up a new world of opportunity, enabling businesses to capitalise on this with our API-led marketplace.

Real-world use cases

On their own, connecting to open banking and enriching data represent a vital toolset for delivering better financial experiences — but deployed together with our marketplace they become something far more powerful.

One example is Utility Switching, where the API provides all the capabilities needed to help customers save money by switching utility providers within your apps and services.

Still want more?

For more information on how we can help your business unlock the potential of open banking and marketplace services, or integrate your API into our network, get in touch here.

*Source: Economics Online