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Everything you need to know about Bud.

Personalised financial management for the closest relationship with your customers

Leverage the vast customer transactions data you already hold with personal financial management features that improve conversions and retention.

Subscription management made simple

Our data intelligence platform underpins Little Birdie's innovative subscription management app.  Using Engage, customers connect their accounts securely within the app.

Our transactional enrichment model then identifies and categorises subscriptions, helping users to understand them and take action.


About Engage

Our AI helps you to make sense of transactions and financial patterns.

You can use our Engage APIs to improve your customers’ financial wellbeing through targeted nudges and highly personalised experiences.

Don't take our word for it

“Our new partnership with Bud marks a significant step forward in our campaign for greater transparency, providing us with a wealth of insight that gives customers more power over their financial future.

“Importantly, the functionality Bud provides will also enable us to continue to meet our responsibilities as a responsible lender, without compromising customer experience.”

“Partnering with Bud will empower our customers, by ensuring that their data works even better in their favour, helping them move their finances forward."

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