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One platform, unlimited insights

Turn transactional data into limitless opportunities for growth

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Unleash the potential of AI within a single platform

Banks, fintechs and retailers can take full advantage of AI-enriched transactional data, with insights accessible to anyone – no technical knowledge required.

Use AI to instantly understand your customers, build high-impact segments, track performance, accelerate research, manage risk and more.

Key platform features

Understand your customers

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Customer insights

Understand your customer base for effortless personalization with AI-aided insights and automation.
  • Create data-driven, customer-centric strategies.
  • Increase cross-sell with automated personalization.

Wallet analytics

Get customer wallet share insights, whether it's relationships with other financial institutions or with retailers

  • Inform retention and acquisition strategy.
  • React to changing behaviors in real-time.

Risk monitoring

Unlock data-driven risk insights to maximize opportunities and stay in sync with customer behavior.

  • Benefit from real-time performance monitoring.
  • Spot recent patterns not available in credit files.

Innovate in seconds

Maximize data value

Harness the full potential of the valuable customer data you already have to increase deposits and product holdings, quickly growing your bottom line.

Become truly customer and data-centric

Use your customers' financial data to uncover insights, define segments and deliver targeted messaging that motivates action – both from your business and your customers.

Improve operational efficiency

Modernize your organization's data access capabilities – reduce technical dependency and delay with a GenAI assistant.

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