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Everything you need to know about Bud.

Uncover and act on limitless opportunities for growth

Harness the power of GenAI and democratise access to data with our customer data platform, Drive. Anyone can identify new, high-impact segments and establish the next best action to deliver immediate growth across the business.

Maximise data value

Get the most out of the rich customer data you already hold to grow deposits and product holdings, rapidly boosting your bottom line.

Become truly customer and data-centric

Leverage your customers’ financial data to meet organisational objectives, uncover insights, define segments and send targeted messaging that inspire action – from your business and your customers.

Improve operational efficiency

Transform your organisation’s access to data – minimise technical dependency and delay with a GenAI assistant. 

Insights Engine

Maximise the value of customer data you already hold and get to know your customers better. Uncover real-time actionable insights and assess the performance of your customer messaging and sales strategy.


Insights Analytics

Identify patterns and trends in your customer data that might otherwise be missed. Find new ways to grow revenue by allowing Bud’s AI to identify high impact segments with propensity to convert. 


Drive Copilot

Democratise access to data, make it easy to access and inspire your employees to discover and act on high impact opportunities using our genAI-powered insight discovery chatbot interface.


Action Hub

Transform insight into results. Action Hub integrates with your existing platforms so you can act on the patterns and segments our platform has uncovered with hyper-personalised content that delivers proven revenue.


AI-driven data intelligence for financial services

Underpinning our robust and value-driving suite of AI-powered financial service solutions, the core supercharges our personalisation, lending and revenue-driving products, and serves as the foundation for our financial AI chatbot, Jas.


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