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Transactional data analysis for lenders

Transactional data analysis for lenders

Our advanced AI solutions deliver rich insights and accelerate data-driven affordability decisions

Assess combines the most accurate enrichment capabilities with advanced data analytics features allowing financial institutions to leverage transactional data in lending and risk management.

With Assess, every financial transaction can be turned into a source of meaningful insights. We use this information to power our client’s lending and risk decisions with Income Verification, help with accurate understanding of personal financial situations with Affordability Assessment, and enable ongoing relation and advisory with Affordability Monitoring.

Case studies

TotallyMoney Case study Body Image 1 1200x627

Empowering TotallyMoney

Our Engage product powers TotallyMoney’s ‘Monitor’ feature, which helps customers to understand their disposable income, as well as any forthcoming payments each month.

2024 MoneyBoat Case Study Cover 740x400 120425

Accelerating applications

With Bud's Assess solution, Moneyboat are empowered with an accurate, data-driven view into their customer's financial situation.

2024 LittleBirdie Case Study Cover 740x400 120426

Subscription management

Bud's AI-powered data intelligence platform identifies and categorises recurring payments so that consumers can cancel or switch to a better deal.

Frictionless lending with Bud

Assess enables clients to produce an accurate assessment of a customer’s financial situation using open banking data. Simple to customise and fast to integrate, Assess provides the client with deep insight, and their customer with a friction-free experience.

2024 Frictionless lending with Bud 120439

Seamless integration

Assess builds on the data services offered by Bud’s core Intelligence platform, providing access to a customisable dashboard and a set of APIs that works on a per customer basis.

Whether clients need a customisable dashboard interface, simple pdf reports or a full API integration, Assess works however you do to get you up and running fast.

2024 Seamless integration 120440

Drive lending revenue with Bud

2024 Rely on data-driven accuracy Use Case 120437

Rely on data-driven accuracy

Use customer transaction data via open banking for a complete picture of your customers' financial profile.

2024 Minimize and mitigate risk Use Case 120430

Minimise and mitigate risk

Reduce risk by identifying problems or opportunities to intervene at every stage, from application to collections.

2024 Maximize customer experiences Use Case 120431

Maximise customer experiences

Meet customers' expectations with a streamlined credit journey and deliver the best possible financial outcomes.

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