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Everything you need to know about Bud.

Transactional data intelligence for lenders

Our advanced AI solutions power highly accurate lending suitability and lifecycle management solutions.

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Why use Assess

Increased accuracy

Use customer transaction data via open banking to provide the complete picture of your customers' financial profile.

Reduced risk

Reduce risk by identifying problems or opportunities to intervene at every stage, from application to collections.

Improved customer experience

Assess means you can meet and exceed your customers' expectations of an automated or streamlined credit journey.

Moneyboat achieved a 20% reduction in missed payments

With our affordability solution, Moneyboat makes better informed lending decisions and has cut processing times by up to 25%.


Income Verification

Serve those with unusual income patterns. Track historical income, predict future income and review income stability or income shock indicators.

Illustration of an affordability dashboard showing an applicant's income has varied over the last 6 months with a warning sign.

Affordability Assessments

Our industry-leading transactional data analysis means you can drive operational efficiencies and responsibly grow your loan book.


Affordability Monitoring

Identify newly eligible or vulnerable customers. Keep an eye on a customer’s changing financial position to pre-approve for credit or intervene when they’re vulnerable to defaulting.

Illustration of an affordability dashboard showing an applicant's salary has increased


Use our best-in-class data intelligence for a personalised collections experience that'll get delinquent customers back on track.

Illustration of an affordability dashboard showing a declining 3 month graph of someones income and outgoing


Send pre-approvals in seconds using real-time affordability checks and improve conversion rates by using aggregators and comparison sites.


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