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Introducing CRM Sync: Personalise every customer interaction with transaction data

The real value in transaction data lies in its ability to help clients understand their customers better and support them more effectively. To realise that value, our products are designed to integrate into clients' existing business systems - and from today, we're expanding that to include CRMs

With this in mind, we’re really excited to say that we’ve started rolling out CRM sync across the platform. Initially as part of our Assess solution for affordability and eligibility checks, where we’re enabling sync with Salesforce.

Clients can use CRM sync to transfer customer insights, generated from the customer’s transaction data, to the customer’s record in their CRM. From there, the information can be used like any other CRM field to enable organisations to provide more personalised services at every touchpoint with the customer.

In its current form, CRM sync transfers both income & category-level expense summaries to customers' records in the Client's CRM. As we develop the feature over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be introducing more configuration options, broadening the CRM sync’s access to more of the insights created within our Intelligence product, and adding syncs with more CRM and data-lake providers.

Whilst it’s still early days for features like this, it’s been immensely exciting to see what clients are already doing with the new capabilities it provides - so if you want to explore the possibilities of next-level personalisation, get in touch.


For more on how to integrate Bud into your affordability processes, grab the Assess factsheet below.

Introducing CRM Sync: Personalise every customer ...