Kroo partners with Bud to build the world’s greatest social bank

There are lots of great things about being in your 20s and 30s but money usually isn't one. Having to balance a busy social life while planning for the future is hard. Enter Kroo, a brand new challenger bank on a mission to create a bank which works with its customer to improve their relationship with money while making a positive impact on the world.

Kroo is only the second organisation to be granted a full UK banking license since 2016, putting them in a unique position to drive change for the next generation.

Fresh off the back of its Series B, Kroo have selected Bud to provide a suite of Open Banking services that will power impactful customer products that improve financial connectivity between Kroo customers and their friends.

Bud believes Open Banking allows financial platforms to build networks for friends and families to seamlessly share money with each other, across financial platforms. We're delighted to partner with such a like minded organisation as Kroo, who want to make this a reality for many more consumers here in the UK.

Bud is proud to welcome Kroo to a rapidly expanding set of UK clients that are offering a new level of data clarity to their customers. Bud already works with organisations such as HSBC, TotallyMoney, Aviva, Credit Karma and Street UK.

For more information on Bud’s tech check out our Connect, Intelligence and Pay products, or drop us a note through the form below and we’ll get in touch.

Kroo partners with Bud to build the world’s ...

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