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More accessible, higher conversion - Meet the latest Bud Connect Open Banking flow

Earlier in the week, we rolled out an upgraded Bud Connect flow. The new flow ensures AA accessibility, and we’ve added deep linking for more institutions to optimise conversion.

What’s the Bud Connect flow?

If you have your own AIS license you can use Bud’s technology to build your own account connection journeys with complete flexibility. If however, you’re accessing Open Banking as an agent of Bud, it’s important to be clear with customers around who is handling their data. With this in mind, you’ll direct users through the Bud account connection flow - Bud Connect - before being re-directed back to your apps and services.

What does AA accessible mean?

There are more than 2 million visually impaired people in the UK - that’s around 3.5% of the population or 35,000 people for every million customers. For those people, “accessible” means we ensure minimum levels of colour contrast and that our flow works with screen readers. But AAA accessibility goes far beyond that. It means the Bud Connect flow is useable in strong sunlight, works on older phones, will load when there’s a poor internet connection, and much more.

What is deep linking and why is it good?

Deep linking allows us to send users directly from your app to their banking apps to authenticate and authorise the connection. The alternative to deep linking is to direct a user to a browser link - and from there to their banking app. We found this extra step caused a noticeable drop in conversion rates. We’re now using deep links for around 95% of connections, up from 75%, to give your users the best possible connection experience.

We’re continuously iterating Bud Connect to make sure it offers your customers a slick user experience with high conversion across the many use cases we serve. Our clients have a wide range of customers and we ensure they can serve them with our technology.

Creating a basic open banking connection flow is relatively simple to do, but it’s extremely hard to do it well. People’s relationship with money is infinitely varied and this variation is reflected in the number of edge-cases that we come across. We’re focused on building a flow that is optimised for everybody so that your apps and services can reach the widest possible audience and fulfill their potential. To find out more about our Open Banking Connect product, grab the factsheet using the form below.


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More accessible, higher conversion - Meet the ...