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Everything you need to know about Bud.

How we’re working with PropertyCard to help people manage property payments easily

Young businesses with the kind of agility that allows them to zero in on a single problem and iterate quickly towards a solution represent a huge opportunity for the Open Banking community. They have both the bandwidth to get to grips with a single problem and the freedom to experiment without the constraints of legacy tech. That’s why we were excited to be approached by PropertyCard.

PropertyCard are a team with a very clear mission - to serve homeowners and tenants with all their property payments. Their platform enables both landlords and tenants to manage the £billions of payments and expenses that occur each year relating to a property in a single place. It automates the payment process and helps users save time and money by doing things like scanning the market for utility deals.

Bud’s platform underpins PropertyCard’s ability to provide Open Banking connections (through our Connect product), recognise household bills (through our Intelligence product), and process payments through Open Banking using our Pay product.


This end-to-end journey is exactly what Open Banking was designed to enable and, in tackling the whole problem, PropertyCard is one of the first businesses we’ve seen that demonstrates just how transformative Open Banking can be - particularly in those cases where what you’re seeing is an, albeit significant, financial element embedded within a non-financial experience.

The ability of Open Banking to embed financial experiences within people’s everyday experiences is one of its most disruptive facets and the fact that businesses like PropertyCard are already turning this much-discussed potential into a reality with Bud is an exciting one. To follow their progress, check out the PropertyCard website or you can find their apps on the Apple and Google Play stores.