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White paper: How bud uses and protects personal data

Any company that has access to personal data must decide how to balance the interests of the end user with its own when setting data policies.

At Bud, we've developed our response to this challenge over the last two years, refining our approach to strike what we believe is an optimal balance - placing the security and privacy of user data unambiguously at the top of our priority list and working hard to maintain enough technical flexibility to allow us it bring new products and experiences to market.

Today, we've taken the decision to make that work public. You can access it by downloading the data white paper using the form below.

In the paper, we're open about our approach to encryption, the way we break databases up into discrete sets, our focus on anonymisation and our thoughts around the regulation and compliance implications of using personal data. 

Our white paper reiterates our strong belief as to what should be the standard for companies operating within the API economy should be. We hope you find it useful.

Download the white paper here.