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Everything you need to know about Bud.

It all starts with a transaction

Turn transactions into opportunities with Bud's AI-powered data platform

Build a complete picture of each customer

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Transaction level

Harvesting financial transactions for all of the data and insights available, we’re able to deliver a complete understanding of category, merchant, regularity, location and more.

Portfolio level

Providing a complete overview of all data across your customer base, Bud uses customer-level insights to create dashboards, segments and triggers across your entire portfolio.

Customer level

Leveraging trends, characteristics, habits and spending insights; we’re able to aggregate all transactional information to create a more in-depth understanding of your consumer base.

Through any data source

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Why work with us?

“Partnering with Bud will empower our customers, by ensuring their data works even better in their favour, helping them move their finances forward.”

Increased loan acceptance

70 percent

Increase in app users

345 percent

Increase in feature engagement in-app

10 percent

Increase revenue by embracing personalisation at scale

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Unlock the ability to integrate Bud's data intelligence solutions with access to mock data, simulated account connection flows and open banking sandboxes - start building with transaction data today!


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