To make every financial decision simple by turning transactional data into rich customer insight

Founded in 2015, Bud began life as an education platform. Now, Bud is a platform used by global companies to harness the power of data intelligence and to make life better for their customers.

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Key stats

Over 100 employees across four countries

300 million transactions securely enriched every month

Zero Bud employees with access to client data

A group of diverse Bud employees

Our culture is defined by the ethical use of data


Security First

We put the security of data above all else and use advance encryption techniques.


Built for privacy

We train machine learning models on anonymised data to protect people’s privacy.


User centered

We only use data to benefit people and build tools to meet their needs.


Transparent and open

We make sure our clients understand how and why we use data because we believe in responsible innovation.


Accountable and robust

We’re accountable to clients and regulators (including the FCA and ICO) and we hold our team to the highest standards.


No compromises

We’d rather step away from an opportunity than compromise on these principles.

Our investors

Our board

Ed Maslaveckas, CEO of Bud

Ed Maslaveckas

CEO, Bud
George Dunning, COO of Bud

George Dunning

COO, Bud
Raman Bahtia, COO of OVO Energy

Raman Bahtia

COO, Ovo Energy
Lord Stanley Fink, Advisor

Lord Stanley Fink

Marc Meunier, Partner at TDR Capital

Marc Meunier

Partner, TDR Capital
Satrajit Saha, CEO of Transunion UK

Satrajit “Satty” Saha

CEO, TransUnion UK

George Dunning presenting at Bud's 2021 Summer Party