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Everything you need to know about Bud.


Moneyboat achieved a 20% reduction in missed payments with Assess


Moneyboat wants to solve one of the most difficult problems for the British public – waiting until payday.

The lender specialises in direct, short-term loans and has been recognised for its focus on responsible lending.

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, Moneyboat anticipated increasing default rates from customers.

It also realised that CRA data alone would fail to identify income shocks and furloughed employees, and was battling with long application processing times through manual review of PDF bank statements.

Moneyboat turned to open banking to help solve their problems.



A real-time, accurate view of customers' financial profile

Moneyboat selected Bud to help tackle the issues they were experiencing with their affordability assessment processes.

Our Assess solution helps Moneyboat's advisors get a clear picture of their customers' financial position with more accurate data on their income, expenses and any debt they may have. 

Our affordability assessment solution uses real-time transactional data and provides a clear and concise breakdown of customers' spending.

The result? Moneyboat could make better lending decisions and process loans more quickly:

20% reduction in missed payments.

25% reduction in processing time for returning customers.

16% reduction in processing time for new customers.