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Action Hub

Transform insight to action

Use the insight uncovered by Drive to target the right customers, with the right message, at the right time. Trigger hyper-personalised in-app or message content and create a feedback loop to inform future campaigns. 


Is there a disconnect between data analytics and marketing in your organisation? Would things be easier if your staff could access insights and configure high-conversion customer communications on-the-fly? 

We get it. Insights have limited value without corresponding actions but, all too often, silos between teams or product lines prevent effective marketing operations.


Action Hub connects Drive’s advanced AI insights to your existing CRM or messaging services, for frictionless data-driven decisioning. Feedback from campaigns trains our AI to continuously inform and improve your initiatives, taking data-driven marketing to new heights.

Data-driven decisions 

Combine data from different sources and trigger highly personalised next-best-action initiatives.

Integration for an end-to-end solution 

Action Hub is the link between our AI data platform insights and your CRM or messaging services. Send in-app content, push notifications, emails and more.

Maximise conversion

Bolster your services with hyper-personalised product offerings and targeted messaging, at the right time, every time.

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