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Everything you need to know about Bud.

Drive Copilot

A chatbot-driven insight discovery experience for your staff

Bud’s Drive Copilot translates natural language conversation into data-driven marketing strategy, facilitating a frictionless flow between ideas and impact.


It's no secret that your teams crave quick access to key customer insights they can act on immediately. Like most financial institutions, you might be drowning in data but still struggling to make sense of it.


Using generative AI, Drive Copilot interacts with your staff in real-time to co-create effective segments and messaging that draw on customer base insights from your CRM, transactional and other data sources.

This human-AI combination turns ideas and insights into strategy and action, accelerating data-driven recommendations, offers and experiences. 

Democratised data

Query your data through everyday conversation, saving time and acting fast

Campaigns that convert

Drive Copilot makes it easy to identify and act on high impact opportunities.

Optimised strategy 

Track the performance of marketing campaigns through real-time analytics, and immediately incorporate learnings to improve future activity.

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