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Insights Engine

Uncover real-time insights across your customer data

Using a portfolio of instantly available segments and triggers, financial institutions like yours can fully benefit from enriched data to identify customer segments and effectively act on them.


Do you feel like you're sitting on a goldmine of customer data but lack timely access to valuable insights? You're not alone. 

Many financial institutions find it hard to break down silos and waste hundreds of hours every month on requests to specialist data analysts. That’s a lot of untapped opportunities for action and growth.


Our Insights Engine means that anyone within your organisation can instantly identify valuable customer segments and define triggers. This makes sure that the right action is taken at the right time – whether it’s a signal for the CRM, a notification to be dispatched through the mobile app or an input for the marketing team. 

The result? Timely insights that help product owners and marketers make their product a success, finding new opportunities to cross and up-sell. 

Right message, right time

Use rich insights to make the ‘segment of one’ a reality.

Maximise revenue

Increase deposits and share of wallet through advanced data analytics.

Set up your team for success

Break down barriers and empower your staff to make fast, data-driven decisions.

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