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Everything you need to know about Bud.

Rich personalisation for messaging, offers and financial health scoring

Deliver on your customers’ expectations by offering hyper-personalised services to boost engagement and revenue, and improve financial wellbeing.

Bud Engage highlights your customers spending so they can better understand where their money goes. A phone shows a UI with different transactions on


Leveraging data to personalise the customer experience is difficult

Today’s consumers expect hyper-personalised and seamless digital experiences.

In spite of this, most financial institutions lack the data analytics capabilities to properly leverage personalisation opportunities, even with vast databases of rich data points.

Bud Engage can create personalised experiences for customers using transaction intelligence. Graphic shows green squares ornately organised.


Use transaction intelligence to deliver highly personalised services

Bud’s advanced AI capabilities help you deliver highly personalised services through bespoke rules that target particular customer characteristics.

By using these to create features such as custom signals that trigger messaging, offers or a financial health score, you can help customers bolster their financial wellbeing.

Bud Engage can create personalised experiences for customers using transaction intelligence. A notification warns a customer to set a spending budget.


Right offer, right time

Use data to responsibly cross-sell, making the right product offer at the right time, and increasing customer satisfaction and conversion.

Meet regulatory requirements

Deliver on your compliance obligations and brand promise to truly help customers achieve their financial objectives.

Added value

Exceed customer expectations with a service that makes them feel valued and understood, proactively supporting them when they need it most.

Don't take our word for it

“Our partnership with Bud allows users to connect the Little Birdie app directly and securely to their bank accounts using open banking – seamlessly allowing us to identify all their regular payments – and manage their subscriptions in one place.” 

Martin Bould, CEO, Little BirdieLittleBirdie logo. a small pink bird holding a bell sits on top of the word 'littlebirdie'. little is in pink and birdie is in purple. 



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