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Everything you need to know about Bud.

Use case

Increase in-app engagement

Increasing customer engagement with your app increases customer retention, reduces churn and helps you scale your customer base effectively.

So how can Bud help?

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Ways to help your business

2024 Increase customer retention through

Increase customer retention through improved digital experiences

As branches close, more and more customers are living their financial lives through digital channels and so providing a strong customer experience is imperative to maintaining the relationship with your customers and growing your share of wallet through the upsell of products and services.

2024 Successfully identify cross-sell and

Successfully identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

With customers growing tired of applying for products they're not eligible for, Bud's AI-powered solutions ensure you have the actionable insights needed to identify potential cross-sell and up-sell opportunities that are not only relevant to your customers but also highly likely to lead to conversions.

Ways to help your customers

2024 Financial health

Financial health

By providing your customers with an overview of their financial health, you can empower them to make more informed decisions and improve their financial resilience – backed entirely by data and not guesswork.

2024 Personalised recommendations

Personalised recommendations

With recommended budget suggestions and saving prompts, you can guide your customers to make better financial decisions in a scalable, yet personalised way.

2024 Spending analysis

Spending analysis

With categorised and merchant-identified transactions, it’s easy to provide your customers with simple and intuitive breakdowns of their expenditure and to identify their spending habits – giving them better visibility over how they’re spending their money.

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How to turn transactions into personalised insights

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Benefits for you and your customers

The more engaged your customers are with their finances, the more likely they are to trust your organisation in supporting them to improve their financial situations, drive deposits and improve customer retention.

  • Personalisation at scale

    Providing personalised digital experiences allows you to scale your reach and impact whilst minimising costs.

  • Increase retention

    Increase your customer retention rate by increasing their engagement with your brand

  • Maximise revenue and ROI

    Capitalise on all relevant product upsell opportunities and increase your share of a customers wallet through maximised engagement

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