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Everything you need to know about Bud.

Use case

Personalisation at scale

With customers expecting personalisation at every financial touchpoint, Bud's transaction enrichment ensures you can effectively tailor individual digital experiences and communications based on unique customer needs and goals - empowering you to cultivate trust and reduce churn rates.

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Ways to help your business

2024 Personalised digital experiences

Targeted product offers

Did you know customers are 2x more likely to engage with personalised marketing, rising to 3x for those under the age of 44?

Through a deeper understanding of your customers, you’ll be able to tailor not only your product offerings to each unique customer goal but also your messaging and proposition.

2024 Proactive notifications

Proactive notifications

With a true understanding of your customer base, you’ll be able to proactively identify situations before they arise. Using Bud’s platform, you can identify, notify and mitigate customers before they miss a payment or go into their overdraft – improving both your customer's financial position and their trust in your institution.

2024 Relevant product offers

Personalised digital experiences

Empower your customer's financial journey with a hyper-personalised experience designed to support them in achieving their financial aspirations. Using Bud’s insights you can personalise solutions for your customers every step of the way, from in-depth transaction analysis and spending patterns to intuitive budgeting tools and next-generation PFM features.

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How to turn transactions into personalised insights

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Benefits to you and your customers

Personalising digital experiences and communications to suit your customers’ preferences cultivates trust and improves your relationship with them, improving their ability to take control of their finances and increasing the likelihood of customers interacting with your product offerings and services.

  • Maximise upsell

    Improve upsell rates by personalising product recommendations for each customer, at scale.

  • Improve customer trust

    Strengthen relationships with your customers and reduce churn by providing only targeted, relevant and personalised communications.

  • Make finance simple

    Simplifying the way your customers engage with you at every financial touchpoint increases engagement from your customers and in turn, customer lifetime value.

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