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Make it easier for your customers to save money through automation and nudges designed to help build better financial habits and effortlessly grow savings and deposits over time.

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Ways to help your customers

2024 Savings Use Case Goals UK 210324

Savings goals and challenges

Encourage your customers to set, update and keep track of multiple savings goals.

By providing an easy way of adding money into their savings pot, as well as a visual or gamified way of tracking progress toward a goal, you'll help customers achieve their financial ambitions faster, while growing deposits and wallet share.

2024 Savings Use Case Round Ups UK 210324

Automated savings and round-ups

Many customers aspire to increase their savings but often fail to take action.

Automations can seamlessly sweep lazy cash into savings pots or accounts according to the customer's preferences or financial position. Round-ups help customers grow their savings by moving small sums alongside their everyday spending.

2024 Savings Use Case Forecasting UK 210324

Forecast finances and spot patterns

Empower your customers to unlock saving potential by guiding them through everyday spending.

Bud’s savings offering is underpinned by our ability to predict future cash flow, identify sources of income and track balances over time. In addition, we can easily surface items like essential spending, upcoming bills or even subscriptions - and nudge the customer to make small adjustments to their financial behaviour, enabling even more savings.

Benefits for you and your customers

Customers who save are valuable to financial institutions. By helping make saving habitual, you can improve their lifetime value through greater engagement and loyalty, more product holdings and deposit growth. Plus, you'll help those customers do more with their money.

  • Make saving simple
    Many individuals could save, but don't – gamification and automation can unlock this potential.
  • Maximise revenue

    Grow deposits and share of wallet by making saving simple.

  • Improve customer experience

    Support your customers in improving their financial resilience for greater engagement and retention.

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