Intelligent Open Banking

Unlock the power of enriched financial data to drive growth.

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Simple, powerful APIs

The complete set of APIs for organisations building engaging financial tools.

Trusted by the world's leading institutions

Bud is trusted by worlds largest banks to help capitalise on the opportunity of open banking

Powerful alone, best together

Bud offers a full stack of API products with an unrivalled intelligence platform at its core.

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Aggregate a range of customer account information, balances and transaction data to power innovative financial services.

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The fastest and most secure way to turn transaction data into intelligent services that improve people’s financial lives.

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Use financial data to help people save time and money, take action and distribute a wide variety of products through your apps and services.

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Initiate customer payments securely through a single API straight from your app or website.

Our clients are changing the game

Here's how we make that possible


Unique encryption keys for every user and a proprietary anonymisation framework ensure that we're always working with security front and centre.


Flexible options make it easy to be fully compliant with regulation - either through your own AISP / PISP licences or by acting as Bud's agent.

Tried and tested

Bud's technology was originally built alongside, and tested at scale by some of the largest and most complex financial institutions in the world.


We know that projects live and die by finding validation fast, so we designed our APIs from the ground up to be easy to implement quickly.

Best-in-class categorisation

Bud's intelligence product sorts transaction data into more than 200 distinct categories - giving clients the flexibility to build genuinely useful tools and services

Flexible access to data

Open Banking is a great source of data but it's not the only one. Bud's intelligence product can accept data from both 1st party (your own) and 3rd party (e.g. other aggregators) sources..


Our news blog covers developments in Open Banking and it's impact on consumers' lives. For more information on how we're building Bud, check out the engineering blog


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