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Everything you need to know about Bud.

Our next generation personal finance management API

Maximize the value of your data with hyper-personalization at scale

Truly customer-centric experiences

Engage combines highly accurate enrichment capabilities with advanced digital engagement features allowing financial institutions to fully harness the power of financial data. 

With Engage, every transaction can be turned into a source of impactful insights. We use this information to power our clients’ analytics, provide deeper insight into personal finances and deliver high-impact digital engagement features that drive deposits and savings.

Trusted by leading companies

Case studies

TotallyMoney Case study Body Image 1 1200x627

Empowering TotallyMoney

Our Engage product powers TotallyMoney’s ‘Monitor’ feature, which helps customers to understand their disposable income, as well as any forthcoming payments each month.

When TotallyMoney asked Monitor users to rate their experience, more than half (51%) gave a five-star rating, testament to the value of this transaction analysis-powered financial wellbeing feature.


Understand every transaction

Boasting >97% accuracy, Bud’s transaction enrichment provides highly accurate and granular categorization, merchant identification, location detection and more – delivering the best foundation for any digital interaction or data intelligence use cases.

Our clients use our enrichment services to:

  • Maximize customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Minimize the number of transaction disputes
  • Identify and proactively assist at-risk customers
  • Reduce support center call volumes
Delivering instant results regardless of the quality of data input, Bud’s core AI processes every financial transaction and returns the most accurate categorization available with >97% accuracy.
US 2024 Merchant ID Engage 250324

Identify all income sources and patterns

With AI-powered models and high-quality enrichment, Bud’s income features provide a dependable source of customer income information and pave the way for meaningful customer advice as well as better credit assessment and more.

Our clients use income features to:

  • Empower customers with better understandings of their finances
  • Improve customer segmentation and analytics
  • Make more informed, data-driven lending decisions
  • Deliver high-quality credit monitoring and collection services

Accurately identify regular sources of income and benefit from structured insights into income classification, complete with information about salary or wages, rental income to pensions and even grants.

US 2024 Income Finder Engage 250324

Consolidated tracking of your customers’ account balances

Providing an up-to-date view of your customer’s account balances across all products and sources, Bud’s balance insights and tracking means it’s never been easier to truly understand financial trends and patterns.

Our clients use balance features to:

  • Deliver accurate, data-driven insights to the customer
  • Discover cross-sell, up-sell and marketing opportunities
  • Proactively identify and mitigate risk
  • Maximize customer’s savings opportunities

Maximize the visibility of customer finances with insights into their balance history across a defined period of time, not just for a single account but several.

US 2024 Balance Over Time Engage 250324

Maximize understanding of your customer’s spending habits

Bud’s spending features offer granular insights into how each customer spends their money. Now, you can identify competitive products and services your customers are engaging with, surface recommendations based on their subscriptions or spending trends and empower your customers to better manage their finances.

Our clients use spending features to:

  • Deepen insights and analytics with actionable recommendations
  • Deliver more data-driven money management solutions
  • Detect unwanted behaviors such as loan stacking
  • Unlock limitless opportunities for financial empowerment
Deliver timely insights based on consumer spending and personalize your targeted messaging with notifications that help customers take the next best action.
US 2024 Spending Insights Engage 250324

Help your customers build savings and deposits

Increasing savings can be difficult, but with Bud’s savings features, you can accurately automate the process, provide personalized advice and unlock hidden opportunities. Our saving features can help identify hundreds of $ worth of savings and turn them into an effortless boost of personal finances.

Our clients use saving features to:

  • Automate savings and empower customers to save more
  • Provide tailored savings solutions and boost satisfaction
  • Grow deposits and in turn boost ROI and revenue
  • Identify opportunities to cross/up-sell and introduce products
Empower customers with a visualization of their financial aspirations with savings goals that are easy to set up, update and monitor simultaneously.
US 2024 Savings Engage 250424

Use data-driven insights to understand the future

Delivering actionable insights into the future of your customer bases’ finances, our models can provide data-driven predictions surrounding cash flow and expected expenses to drive engagement and surface personalized recommendations.

Our clients use forecasting features to:

  • Provide accurate savings recommendations and advice
  • Augment credit monitoring
  • Identify relevant marketing opportunities
  • Offer “balance after bills” & “future cash flow” features
Providing insights into a customer’s upcoming transactions, scheduled transactions allow banks to more accurately understand how much committed spend a customer has in any given month.
US 2024 Forecasting Engage 250424

Transform data into actionable insights

With Bud’s powerful portfolio of behavioral insights, financial institutions like yours can leverage advanced analytics and high-impact triggers to deliver a truly seamless digital experience. All insights and enrichments generated by the platform are available to not only your advantage but also the customers.

Our clients use behavior features to:

  • Generate relevant and high-impact marketing signals
  • Deliver truly hyper-personalized advice and recommendations
  • Deepen their understanding of the competitive landscape
  • Accurately augment client scorecards based on data-driven insights
Configure easy-to-create custom insights and unlock recommendations capable of driving better financial habits through features like savings and spending challenges or simple nudges.
US 2024 Behaviours Engage 250324

Help customers make sense of their financial positions

Jas, our generative AI chat interface, is backed by the insights and context delivered by Bud’s AI core and offers the best possible customer experience in a safe and compliant way.

It’s a customer-facing interface that can:

  • power intelligent transaction search
  • provide spending overviews with dimensions such as brands, categories or essential/non-essential spend over time
  • deliver assistance on financial products, digital channels features, product offers or FAQs.
US 2024 Jas Engage 250424

Innovate in seconds with seamless integration

Minimize costs

Decrease the number of unrecognized transactions that customers log as disputed, reducing both customer frustration and the associated contact center costs.

Maximize customer retention

Boost retention and engagement by delivering a money management service that supports your customers and meets their expectations of a truly personalized experience.

Capitalize on every opportunity

Discover data-driven cross and up-sell opportunities capable of boosting customer conversion.

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