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The language model for banking data


Personalization and financial wellbeing



Insight exploration and marketing


Creditworthiness and risk


Everything you need to know about Bud.

The language model for banking data

L1 accuracy
US brands
US merchants
Latency per transaction

Enhance the quality of your primary data set

Transform hard to understand transactional data into easily recognizable transactions with accurate categories complete with identifiable merchant names, logos and locations.

With actionable insights surfaced straight from your customers’ behaviors, Bud empowers you to actively reduce disputes, minimize call volumes surrounding transactions, reveal potential fraudulent transactions and drive even more meaningful customer interactions.

Trusted by leading companies
US Transaction Enrichment Tokens 060423 FINAL

Transaction enrichment features

Bud's models are built with a combination of natural language processing (NLP) and supervised machine learning methodologies.

Our AI models are also trained and validated using machine-assisted human labeling teams. This means Bud incurs higher material costs but allows us to deliver a peerless solution that greatly exceeds the accuracy of our nearest competitors.

We tag every transaction with three granular classification levels to help clients understand customer spending behavior at a deeper level.

We include over 200 labels within our taxonomy and achieve market-leading enrichment accuracy of >97%.



Easy integration

One API endpoint

Minimum effort when integrating with backend systems and frontend components.

Real-time categorization

Boasting >97% accuracy, Bud's solutions are all underpinned by market-leading categorization.

From any source

Any card processor, any core banking system or any aggregator.

Powered by transaction enrichment

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