Our story

Founded by two school friends in 2015, Bud began life as an education platform designed to help people find financial wellbeing. In 2016, our first app was launched. Now Bud’s platform is used by global banks to make the money parts of life simpler.

How Bud does business

The technology that Bud builds is designed to help people build financial momentum and to make the money part of people's lives simple. Our services are licensed by businesses in order to effect change on a large scale. Bud has three focuses:



We are obsessed with solving real financial problems experienced by people. We spend time understanding the relationships people have with their money and make sure that the solutions we build fit naturally into people's everyday lives. 


Our platform is designed to connect people with the financial products they need to make their lives better. We use data to ensure that the right product is served to the right person at the right time. 


Everyone who works at Bud understands that we can make life feel more achievable. Technology has transformed many industries, and financial services can have the most profound and positive effect on the everyday lives of millions of people. 

Our data ethics

Bud is shaped by a strong culture of digital trust and data ethics that influences everything we do. This translates into six moral pillars that everyone who works at Bud must adhere to.



All clients and consumers are treated impartially, with their data receiving the highest level of privacy, security and self-control – regardless of who they are.


Autonomy places confidence into the choices of our users and our team. Every individual is trusted to make the right decisions when it counts.


We keep the promises we’ve made as a business, resolving any concerns and sharing information in a transparent manner with our clients, partners, regulators and users.

Do good

We strive to enhance the welfare of others and improve their lives on a day-to-day basis.

Do no harm

Any exploitation of customers, financial or otherwise, is unacceptable.

No compromises

We’d rather step away from an opportunity than let these values be compromised.

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