Products & Services

Bud is simplifying a financial industry that has become increasingly complex. Bud’s smart infrastructure gives businesses easy access to our world’s key financial systems and the millions of customers who use them.

Bud X

Bud.X is a developer portal that gives businesses self-service access to our powerful open banking capabilities, data enrichment services to help their customers make the most of their lives.


Account access

Stable and regulated access to transactional data through Open Banking APIs.

Data enrichment

Key account data formatted for use by third parties including enriched transactional information with data-driven insights

Data sandbox

Testing environment to experiment with Bud's services without using live data

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More than 80 fintech partners

We have extensive connections with fintech companies and financial service providers, allowing banks to integrate products and services into existing apps or launch new products. For the fintechs and service providers, Bud provides single-point access to millions of customers through our network of banks.

15 service categories including credit, wealth and insurance

FCA regulated

Ongoing and real-time company due diligence

Plug and play API integrations