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Embracing equity - for International Women's Day and beyond...

This year's theme for International Women's Day is 'Embrace Equity'. That means working towards a gender equal world that's diverse, inclusive and equitable. Take a look at what some of the women at Bud said the theme means to them.

At Bud, we recognise the incredible importance of this year's International Women's Day theme, especially in the tech industry where just 26% of the workforce are women.* We believe talking about the problem can make a real difference, so we spoke to some of the brilliant women who work at Bud about what embracing equity means to them.

"I am privileged to work within a team that embraces inclusion"

When asked about this year’s theme for International Women’s Day, Bud’s Engineering Director – Operations, Amy-Elizabeth Bond, said: “A career in technology offers the incredible opportunity to challenge, innovate and drive creativity in a wide range of roles. 

“Working in this space has given me a fantastic platform to grow and develop within supportive and collaborative teams. At Bud, I am privileged to work within an amazing team that values and embraces diversity and inclusion.

“It is exciting to see a focus on equity and representation of women in technology, and diversity across the industry. As a manager, supporting these values is incredibly important to me and a continuous focus in hiring and team growth. 

“Commitment to equity and representation is imperative to all industries including technology and a key part of building a successful, collaborative culture.”

"Embracing equity is the right thing to do"

Highlighting the importance of equity in fintech, Bud’s Account Executive, Taylor Brown, commented: “Embracing equity is the right thing to do. Working in the fintech space as a woman means increasing female representation in tech, which is important not only for the brilliant career opportunities it can offer to us, but also for the ability of the technology industry as a whole to innovate and rise to meet the needs of society. 

“Women are highly efficient communicators and collaborative by nature, which is imperative to all industries, and yet just 26% of the tech workforce in the UK are female.* I’m grateful Bud places a big emphasis on this and cares deeply about diversity and inclusion in hiring, while continually encouraging progression.”

"Equity to me means community, empathy and empowerment"

Our Data Administrator, Sarah Doyle, spoke about equity as acceptance and belonging:

“Equity to me means community, empathy and empowerment. It means being given a voice and actually being heard, and recognising the superpowers that we and others possess. 

“Through embracing equity we can realise our true collective strengths. It’s incredibly powerful and rewarding to feel acceptance and a sense of belonging, and this in turn creates a sense of purpose, as well as motivation and engagement. 

“This also aptly sums up my experience at Bud, working in a diverse team of authentic and incredible people who place utmost value in collaboration and empowering others. I’m proud, too, to work alongside some of the most remarkable and inspiring women at Bud. I’m in awe on a daily basis of their skills, their knowledge and their roll-up-your-sleeves attitude to whatever comes their way!”

"Embracing equity isn't just about checking a box or meeting a quota"

We also asked Bud’s AVP North American Head of Marketing, Melissa Hougie, what she made of this year’s theme. She highlighted the value of embracing equity from the perspective of a female leader in the tech industry. 

“Embracing equity isn't just about checking a box or meeting a quota, it's a core belief that drives success in fintech and financial services. 

“As a female leader in this industry, I see the undeniable value of embracing diversity of thought, experience and background and the need to ensure a level playing field for people to thrive. It's not only the right thing to do, but it's good for business too. 

“Let's work together to embrace equity and create a future where everyone has equal opportunities – because when we empower each other, we all rise.”

"At Bud, I feel privileged to work alongside many inspirational women"

Finally, we spoke to our Legal Counsel, Sarah Curran, who highlighted how embracing equity has helped her feel supported and inspired in her career.

“Embracing equity is important in all industries, but historically, the tech sector has fallen behind when it comes to female representation. It's exciting to now see more women join the tech sector and I hope this change continues! 

“At Bud, I feel privileged to work alongside so many hard working and motivated individuals, including many inspirational women! Bud promotes a very supportive and collaborative environment – I’ve always been encouraged to voice my opinion and add my own contribution to projects, and I’m grateful that Bud promotes these values throughout the teams.”

Do you want to work alongside these talented women, and help make a real difference in gender diversity and representation in the tech industry? 

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* Stat from Tech Nation

Embracing equity - for International Women's Day ...

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