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Everything you need to know about Bud.

Tackle climate change with open banking

Help customers track their carbon footprint and make a purpose-driven, sustainable impact with their money

Carbon Tracking Summary PFM

Bud's carbon tracking solution allows customers to understand the environmental impact of their lifestyle with in-app engagement dashboards displaying carbon contribution alongside their spending.

90% of people say they will be more loyal to companies that support enviromental issues

Companies with well-aligned values reduce acquisition costs by £150 / customer

Carbon Tracking Transaction PFM
How it works

Here's how Bud can help customers contribute to their social responsibility.

  • Track
    Switch on carbon tracking with the touch of a button
  • Insights
    Display carbon contribution alongside carbon
  • Dashboard
    On a more granular level, customer can track spending insights such as categories and merchant information.

Key features at a glance


Increase customer loyalty & trust. Decrease acquisition costs


Carbon contribution against each transaction


In-app carbon analysis dashboard

3-tiered categorisation with over 300 categories

Over 3000 merchant geolocations and logos