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The language model for banking data


Personalisation and financial wellbeing



Insight exploration and marketing


Affordability and risk


Everything you need to know about Bud.

Simple, Powerful, Flexible APIs

APIs to combine transaction data from any source. Enrich it, understand it and act on it.

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Start building with transaction data today

Access open banking through Bud's AISP capabilities, manage API keys, test with the Sandbox Environment, and explore the platform's enrichment capabilities. Free for testing and sandbox access, prices per user for live access.


Everything you need to get started

The live environment includes everything you need to create great experiences and get to market fast. 

Great documentation ensures that you have everything you need to build apps and experiences using Bud's Aggregation and Enrichment APIs. Example code snippets and implementation guides will have you up and running in no time.

Check out our developer portal to learn more about building with Bud's APIs.

Test with the Developer Console

Bud's developer console gives you access to all the user and credential management tools you need as well as a Sandbox environment that allows you to begin testing the platform's capabilities quickly. 

The test environment combines access to open banking sandboxes (and simulated account connection flows) with mock data and the ability to integrate Bud's intelligence services. 


Good to go?

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