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Little Birdie

Little Birdie addresses the problem of wasted money on unused subscriptions by offering a subscription and bill management app. They partnered with Bud's data intelligence platform to identify and categorize subscriptions, resulting in over 10,000 app downloads and 40% of users connecting their bank accounts within a few months.
Little Birdie


Subscriptions stacking up? Little Birdie can help...

Each year, £25 billion is wasted on unused subscriptions and ‘free trials’ which are often difficult to cancel. One in three consumers pay for subscriptions they no longer use.

Little Birdie, a subscription and bill management app, is leading the charge to help customers identify, manage and cancel unused or unwanted subscriptions.

In order to scale quickly and effectively, Little Birdie needed a ready-to-go solution that could help them onboard customers and identify their subscriptions.



Granular transaction enrichment to identify and categorise subscriptions

Little Birdie selected Bud's data intelligence platform to underpin their subscription management tool.

Using our Engage product, users can connect their accounts securely within the app.

Our transactional enrichment model then identifies and categorises subscriptions, helping customers to understand them and take action.

In just a few months, more than 10,000 individuals have download the Little Birdie app, with over 40% of users connecting at least one bank account using open banking.