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The language model for banking data


Personalization and financial wellbeing



Insight exploration and marketing


Creditworthiness and risk


Everything you need to know about Bud.

Financial insight discovery through a chat bot

Frictionless access to data for all employees

Anyone can access the data – no technical knowledge needed. Ask natural language questions and get instant answers.

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AI-aided inspiration and workflow optimisation

Drive Copilot understands your data and business objectives. It can provide inspiration and assistance within existing workflows, making better quality data travel faster through the organization.


Data analysis made easy

Your staff can interact with our GenAI-powered Drive Copilot to co-create effective segments and messaging that draw on customer base insights from your CRM, transactional and other data sources.

  • Democratized data

    Query your data through everyday conversation, saving time and acting fast.

  • Instant results

    Drive Copilot guides you through the steps to deliver high-impact segments and campaigns.

  • AI inspiration

    Ask open questions to benefit from AI guidance with ideas you can take forward straight away.

Trusted by leading companies

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