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Everything you need to know about Bud.

Level up your lending

Significantly increase revenue and protect against losses by using Bud’s AI data models to quickly and easily understand your applicants’ creditworthiness.

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Improved efficiency for advisors

No more manual reviews of forms, payslips or statements. Automated insights help your advisors to handle up to 40% more applications.

Super-fast cash flow analytics

Get real-time insights from transactional data to see income and potential signs of default.

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A streamlined customer experience

A simple account connection process for your customers means fewer mistakes and drop-offs, plus quicker decisions.

Don't take our word for it

“Importantly, the functionality Bud provides will enable us to continue to meet our responsibilities as a responsible lender, without compromising customer experience” 

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Personalization at scale

Our financial insights engine, Signal, uses transactional data to create user-level insights.

Clients use these to understand customer characteristics such as whether they’re a homeowner or have children, and what their sources of income are.

These attributes empower our clients to deliver personalized credit services at scale.

Illustration showing how Buds API power useful customer insights

Two ways for lenders to work with Bud

API solution

For businesses that want to build customizable solutions

  • Access to Bud's intelligent API platform
  • Integrate into existing tools and workflows
  • Tailor functionality to your use cases
  • Developer-friendly environment
  • Expert technical support
Ready-to-use dashboard

For businesses that want to get started straight away

  • Intuitive dashboard interface for advisors
  • Easily verify income and expenses
  • Highlights risk and spending insights
  • No integration required
  • Simple customer account connection flow

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API documentation

Take a look at our simple API docs to see what you can do.