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Everything you need to know about Bud.

Frictionless wealth management with Open Banking

Help clients grow their wealth with personalised nudges and instant payments, eliminating income and expenditure reports with Open Banking.

Download the Wealth Management Guide to see how Open Banking can make your company more competitive.


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Instant Payments. Frictionless Onboarding. Easy wealth management.


Faster onboarding

59% of users would use Open Banking to pre-fill a wealth product application form if it saved time. 


Drive customer engagement

62% of savers would use a sweeping feature to automatically top-up a wealth product. 


Account verification and customer onboarding

Remove customer friction- Instantly verify account ownership to onboard customers with accuracy, efficiency and speed.

Stop payment errors and instantly fund accounts- By verifying account ownership and using Bud's Pay product, manual errors are eliminated during the payment process and accounts are paid instantly.

Streamline income and expenditure reports- A single affordability dashboard allows you to streamline your fact-finding process, reduce cost-to-serve, and speed up onboarding. 

Smart nudges to take action

Identify dormant funds – Identify "lazy cash" using Bud's transaction intelligence layer, then provide users with contextual top-up prompts and an instant payment channel to complete them.

Detect next best action – Identify windfalls or significant changes in users' financial situations and create prompts for additional payments into an investment or savings account. 


Provide relevant financial products and services

Segment your customers for more relevant product offers – Use financial data to help customers achieve their goals by matching them with the products that best suit their situation. Export data to sync with your CRM and keep all your touchpoints personal and relevant.

Users' pensions in one view – Bud's participation in the government's pensions dashboard scheme provides a unique opportunity for wealth firms to become leaders in retirement planning. 


Wealth management guide

Open Banking will transform Wealth Management in the next few years. Here are 5 clickable demos of Open Banking's potential. 

What our customers are saying about Bud

“Importantly, the functionality Bud provides will enable us to continue to meet our responsibilities as a responsible lender, without compromising customer experience” 

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Download the Wealth Management guide