Facilitate the power of AI at every touch-point and simplify financial decisions with laser-accurate data.

Leaders building with Bud.ai

Unlock deep personalisation and actionable insights

Bud.ai integrates seamlessly into your tech stack to deliver the right product or offer to the right customer, at the right time – growing wallet share and optimising operations.


Future-proof with portfolio level insights and Smart Segments

Through robust and powerful AI learning, Bud transforms transactional level data like foundational intelligence into not only customer-level but portfolio level insights you can refine with Jas, our GenAI-powered chatbot.


Enhance financial literacy with Bud's AI chatbot, Jas

Underpinned by Bud.ai’s generative core, Jas is a powerful AI chatbot designed to empower both banks and consumers to make sense of their financial data through conversation.


Lead the financial revolution with Bud.ai

Elevate financial understanding

Drive informed dialogue with your customer and ensure their path to financial freedom is laden with data-driven insights and relevant, real-time responses from a powerful AI chatbot assistant.

Supercharge growth and customer experience

Hyper-personalise in-app experiences, send targeted notifications, and make data-driven decisions that build strong customer relationships and boost revenue with powerful customer insights sourced by our robust insights engine.

AI-powered Smart Segments

Empower yourself with a holistic view of your customer base and effectively accelerate smart portfolio segmentation, deliver targeted insights, and leverage real-time, accurate data at
portfolio level.

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Ready to talk?