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Everything you need to know about Bud.

Encourage customers to build financial resilience

Engage and retain your customers by using key transaction insights and money management features to help them improve their financial position.

Bud Engage highlights your customers spending so they can better understand where their money goes. A phone shows a UI with different transactions on


Customers are looking for ways to improve their financial wellbeing

Providing customers with experiences that help them better understand their financial position is a surefire way to strengthen the bank-customer relationship.

Against the backdrop of the rising cost of living, these experiences are becoming a necessity for consumers, and not just a nice-to-have feature.

Bud Engage – Money management insights. An abstract green bar chart steadily rising.


Suggest steps that customers can take to build resilience

At Bud, we provide the ability to understand groups of transactions at the customer level, unlocking the ability to find income, benefits, loans, debts, subscriptions and more.

You can use these key insights to create journeys that provide visibility and clarity around a customer’s financial position and suggest steps they could take to build resilience.

Bud can provide money management insights. Our transaction intelligence shows two credit card transactions can could be consolidated with a loan

Don't take our word for it

“Our partnership with Bud allows users to connect the Little Birdie app directly and securely to their bank accounts using open banking – seamlessly allowing us to identify all their regular payments – and manage their subscriptions in one place.” 

LittleBirdie logo. a small pink bird holding a bell sits on top of the word 'littlebirdie'. little is in pink and birdie is in purple. Martin Bould, CEO, Little Birdie 




Gain competitive advantage

Get ahead of other providers who aren’t helping their customers to take control of their everyday finances.

Improve customer retention

Boost retention and engagement by delivering a money management service that supports and influences your customers.

Added value

Help your customers feel understood and supported by providing clarity on their true financial position.


See how Engage can personalise your customers' experience