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Credit Monitoring

Act on changing financial circumstances

Monitor your customers’ financial profiles in real-time to identify vulnerable customers before they default or to offer the right product as soon as they become eligible.

It's difficult to maintain an ongoing understanding of customers' finances

Today’s challenging macro-economic environment means it’s more important than ever that institutions maintain an ongoing understanding of their customers’ finances.

Many institutions have regulatory obligations and brand promises around supporting customers with the right products and providing help when things go wrong, but few take proactive steps to personalize their offers and services.

Use Assess to identify customers who would benefit from intervention or product offers

Through our Assess APIs, we enable ongoing monitoring of a customer’s transactional activity, so you can identify and act on changes in their financial position.

You could use these capabilities to identify customers whose changing financial profile means they’re eligible to be pre-approved for credit or other product offers.

Drive revenue

Provide the right product offer at the right time, or protect against delinquencies with timely intervention.


Support struggling customers

Meet regulatory obligations and brand commitments to provide the best possible outcomes for your customers.

Hyperpersonalize user experiences

Deliver on your customers’ expectations of hyper-personalized experiences by providing proactive support and relevant offers.

Don't take our word for it

“By implementing Bud's open banking service, we have been able to stay true to our promise of being a customer-centered brand that supports a streamlined approach to lending. Open banking allows us to consider our customers’ welfare and creditworthiness at a more sophisticated level and this is something that we are proud to be able to offer as a responsible lender.” 


Use Cases

See how Assess works throughout your lending process


Improve conversion rates using aggregators and comparison sites.


Support struggling customers.

Credit Assessments

Better than credit scoring.

Income verification

Serve those with unusual income patterns.

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